AxioTrad is a specialist translation agency that collaborates across an extensive network of freelance translators and interpreters who are selected for their skills and knowledge in their chosen field.

Founded by an engineer, an architect and a linguist specialising in law, AxioTrad’s unique DNA gives us a sophisticated understanding of specialised translation.

Translation is a difficult art form that requires not only a mastery of the rules of translation but specific knowledge of the subject matter in question.

We have all seen translations that were linguistically accurate but full of technical errors and thus difficult to fully understand.

Conversely, we have also read technically detailed translations containing mistranslations and approximations that betray the author’s intended meaning.

Thus, the ambition of the founders of AxioTrad is to provide translations that are linguistically exact without sacrificing either detail or quality.

After all, what endorses the quality of a good translation if not the reader’s failure to notice that it is, in fact, a translation?

Our Founding Partners


Malika Akcha
Founding CEO

Malika has years of experience as a project manager and has overseen thousands of translations in just about every field. She has a deep understanding of the value of specialist translators.

In addition to her rich linguistic competence, including a degree in linguistics and specialised translation, she is also qualified in law, another of her passions.


Camille Pinard
Business & Engineering

Camille graduated from the Ecole Centrale Paris. He worked for a general engineering company where he was head of the Innovation Programme, with which he won several competitions. He is also an experienced technical translator.

His sectors include Industry 3.0, vehicles of the future and advanced electronics, and he has a propensity for clean and clear translations!


Nathanaël Pinard
Architecture & Design

Nathanaël is a HMONP graduate from the Ecole d’Architecture de Versailles, meaning he is qualified to practise as a State Architect. He made a name for himself by winning the ConstruirAcier [SteelConstruction] award before joining the Ameller Dubois agency, where he worked on the refurbishment of the Cuban Embassy.

He has been a translator since the beginning of his studies and is passionate about culture and the visual arts.