Axiotrad’s seven quality cornerstones

  • All AxioTrad orders and jobs are monitored by an experienced project manager who ensures that all processes are properly implemented as well as the quality charter itself. The project manager is the customer’s sole point of contact.

  • Mastery of the relevant target language is the first parameter of final quality. This is why, with the exception of rare languages, AxioTrad translators only work into their native language.

  • All AxioTrad translators adhere to the AxioTrad translator’s charter. New translators are trained in the contents of the charter and we help them to ensure it is implemented during their first assignments with us.

  • Where two or more translators have similar rates, priority is always given to our most skilled practitioners.

  • AxioTrad creates and maintains glossaries for the various sectors and customers with which we work. Glossaries are shared with our translators and are kept up-to-date with each translation so that they reflect the subtleties and developments of a given language.

  • All our translations are thoroughly proofread. In addition to the accuracy of the translation itself, thorough proofreading includes a review of completeness, layout, spelling and grammatical accuracy.

  • Wherever possible, AxioTrad strives to assign all translations for a particular customer to the same translator. This creates working habits that favour quality.

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