Traduction technique et scientifique

Technical and Scientific Translation

Manuals, leaflets, evaluations, reports, brochures, patents, certificates of origin, packing lists, bills of lading, product specifications, safety data sheets, HR reports. Whether internal documentation or an external publication, your translation will be crafted by a seasoned professional.

All our translators work into their native language and within their own specialisms. Your documents will be managed with the utmost care and with strict adherence to industry-specific terminology.

Traduction juridique

Legal Translation

Specific knowledge of the sector is required to produce legal texts, in terms of substance as well as style.

Our translators include experienced lawyers and qualified specialists as well as many expert translators. They are able to translate legal summons, pleadings, court judgements, notifications, notices, contracts, agreements, general terms and conditions of sale and agreements to sell, among others.

You can entrust your most sensitive documents to one of our sworn translators. Our experts, sworn in at the French Cours d’appel, are the only in-house translators authorised to produce certified translations.

Traduction pour les affaires et la publication

Translation for Business and Publishing

Like any other area of expertise, the worlds of business and communication have their own codes and idioms. As it is often intended for wide distribution, to an often a lay readership, your message requires both quality and precision. The formulation of every phrase counts, because space is limited, and a simple change can make a world of difference.

Our translators have the keys to this language. They ensure that the core of your message is clearly conveyed and that whatever you are communicating is done so accurately and in a fully professional format.



Our interpreters are available to assist you during conferences, trade fairs, meetings, site visits and more.

We provide interpreting assistance for visits, meetings and meals. Liaison interpreters provide a more informal oral translation of your conversation.

Simultaneous interpreting is particularly suited for conferences. Equipped with a microphone, the interpreter works in a soundproof booth and reproduces the dialogue of the speakers for the headset-wearing audience.

Sworn interpretation is used more particularly in legal settings, and our expert interpreters can assist you in the signing of agreements to sell and marriage contracts, among others.

Layout and Formatting

Due to differences in the density of languages, the formatting or layout of a translated document can be particularly time-consuming. This is especially so for brochures, presentations, promotional resources and other published material.

Here at AxioTrad we want to provide you with a complete service, which is why we offer a professional quality layout and formatting service in addition to our translation services.